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Finding the balance of legal and sustainable development

Modern legislation lags behind the lightning-fast evolution of technology, therefore it creates a lot of obstacles for business development
Zenit Legal are legal experts in blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Our team participates in forums, writes articles for professional publications, teaches at universities. Our experience and knowledge allow us to reliably protect the interests of our clients
Zenit Legal lawyers are wide-ranging specialists to support digital and IT businesses: investments, cryptocurrency regulation, intellectual property protection, criminal legal protection, etc. We work to ensure that your company develops without legal difficulties
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Criminal prosecution protection when selling cryptocurrencies through an online exchanger
Support for the development of digital compliance based on artificial intelligence for banks
Tax consulting of a group of companies in the field of online advertising
Unblocking a bank account after a cryptocurrency sale
Zenitlegal Actions
Tax consulting of a group of companies in the field of online advertising
A group of companies places ads on the sites of various webmasters. The group's total revenue exceeded the limits for the simplified tax system, and therefore the beneficiaries of the group decided to check for possible tax risks when continuing to operate in excess of the limits
  • Conducted an audit of the entire group
  • Identified the risks of additional taxes
  • Identified the risks of recognizing the group of companies as an artificial business fragmentation
  • Developed recommendations on tax risks minimizing
  • Helped to implement the recommendations on minimizing tax risks
We helped the Client to avoid the risks of tax liability in the amount of 80,000,000 rubles
Zenitlegal Actions
Unblocking a bank account after a cryptocurrency sale
A Client's card received 4,000,000 rubles after a cryptocurrency transaction. The bank blocked the account on suspicion of money laundering. When attempting a pre-trial settlement of the dispute, the bank completely refused to unblock the account, without any justification of its decision
  • Prepared legal positions confirming the illegality of the bank's actions
  • Helped the client to prepare the necessary documents to confirm the legality of the cryptocurrency origin
  • Prepared procedural documents for filing an appeal to the court
  • Filed an appeal to the court and proved the illegality of the bank's actions
The account was unblocked by a court decision
Zenitlegal Actions:
Comprehensive legal support of the payment service
The payment acceptance service was working with online schools and their Clients. In 2020, due to the excess of revenue, the Client was forced to switch from a simplified taxation regime to a general one
  • Developed a strategy and prepared all the necessary documents to receive the benefits provided for Russian IT companies
  • Reformatted the relationship with counterparties - from the agency agreement to license agreements
  • Registered the Client's software in the registry of the Russian software, to which the online business payments system is connected.
  • Conducted an audit of the Client to verify that the business meets the requirements necessary to obtain tax benefits (minimum staff size, royalty revenue and its ratio to other revenue amount).
  • Prepared a user agreement that protects the Client from illegal users actions when using the site;
  • Prepared a personal data processing policy
  • Developed and implemented remote methods of electronic signing of contracts with new counterparties
  • Developed a mechanism for electronic document management through the personal accounts of counterparties
Documents and a strategy for switching to a preferential tax regime have been prepared, which allowed the Client to save 20,000,000 rubles of tax benefit. The legal documents necessary for accepting payments through the website have also been prepared
Zenitlegal Actions
Criminal prosecution protection when selling cryptocurrencies through an online exchanger
700,000 rubles have been sent to a Client's card after a cryptocurrencies sale through an online exchanger from a person who had become a victim of telephone scams. In this regard, a criminal case was opened against the Client with an intent to charge him as a fraudster
  • Conducted an analysis of the legality of the work of crypto exchanges
  • Prepared a legal defense against the arguments of the prosecution:
  1. explained the mechanism of online exchangers to law enforcement agencies;
  2. provided the argumentation to the legality of such operations
  • Achieved the arrest removal from the bank account
  • Retained the proceeds for the client
  • Proved the absence of the Client's guilt
The criminal case was terminated, the funds received from the cryptocurrency transaction were retained by the client in full
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