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Business registration abroad

Choosing a foreign jurisdiction for business is not an easy process. It is necessary to understand the peculiarities of different countries, assess the risks, monitor the laws and benefits that are constantly changing
Focus on business, and we will take care of your foreign registration. We will analyze the nuances of your company, help you choose the optimal country for business registration and open an account with a foreign bank.
We rent a company and provide business with a legal shell abroad
We support accounting on tax issues remotely
We prepare and execute statutory documents
We open bank accounts in foreign banks
We register an IT company in more than 150 foreign jurisdictions
We help in choosing the best jurisdiction for business
How we can be useful:
Comprehensive support of an Estonian crypto exchange
Tax consulting on mutual settlements of Russian and Austrian IT companies
Registration of a company in a foreign jurisdiction to create a crypto exchange
Comprehensive support of an Estonian crypto exchange
Tax consulting on mutual settlements of Russian and Austrian IT companies
Registration of a company in a foreign jurisdiction to create a crypto exchange
Zenitlegal Actions
Registration of a company in a foreign jurisdiction to create a crypto exchange
A client planned to open a crypto exchange and set the task – to choose the most optimal country for registration and prepare all documents for the legitimate implementation of the crypto exchange
  • Assessed the tax burden for crypto companies in different jurisdictions
  • Selected the jurisdiction for the company registration to carry out the activities of a crypto exchange
  • Provided legal support for the launch of the crypto exchange
  • Prepared all the necessary documentation to carry out the activities of the crypto exchange with minimal risks
The optimal jurisdiction was selected, the crypto company was registered in the Seychelles. We explained to the client that it is possible to carry out activities not only in the Low Risk zone, which made it possible to register a company with minimal requirements for staff, taxes, capital and license
Zenitlegal Actions
Comprehensive support of an Estonian crypto exchange
  • A range of services was provided for the registration of a legal entity, obtaining a license, opening an account and enabling acquiring
  • Legal documents in Russian and a foreign language were prepared for the exchange of cryptocurrencies on the exchanger's website
  • The client regularly receives advice on the regulation of cryptocurrencies in more than 20 jurisdictions
  • Excessive requirements of the AML officer that do not comply with the current legislation of the Republic of Estonia in the field of cryptocurrency regulation have been identified
  • A legal opinion has been prepared on the possibility of integrating the crypto exchange service into the Telegram bot
  • Legal documents necessary for legal exchange inside the Telegram bot have been prepared
Zenitlegal Actions
Tax consulting on mutual settlements of Russian and Austrian IT companies
A Russian IT company on the simplified taxation system, acquired electronic key manufacturing services from an Austrian resident and was engaged in the further distribution of these keys. The IT company paid remuneration for the services received. These services were not included in the register of Russian software, and therefore were subject to VAT. The client set a task to investigate the tax consequences of mutual settlements of an IT company with a resident of Austria
  • Conducted a tax audit
  • Analyzed mutual settlements between companies
  • Evaluated from a legal point of view the services for the electronic keys production and their distribution
  • Prepared recommendations on the tax risks elimination.
The client received recommendations to eliminate risks in the form of additional VAT and income tax in the amount of more than 10,000,000 rubles
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